Yes on D: The price of a train is the problem – Santa Cruz Sentinel

I am a kindergarten teacher. I often feel like I’m in kindergarten listening to and participating in the current rail/trail debate. Voting yes on D does not stop the rail future. The corridor will be cashed in. Once the county has secured funding ($1 billion), it can install a train. Railbanking doesn’t cost twice as much and that doesn’t mean the rail will never be restored either! There are banked rail lines that were banked and then converted back to rail. The current tracks must be drawn for a commuter train. Additionally, the Capitola and Seascape easels need to be upgraded/restored ($60 million).

Greenway does not prevent the county from having a train. The price is the problem! Let’s use the trail now and preserve the future rail by voting yes on D.

— Susan Sweeney Peoples, Aptos

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Richard L. Militello