UDA man David ‘Dee’ Jenkins who had a £500,000 price tag on his head jailed for two years

UDA drug dealer David ‘Dee’ Jenkins has been sentenced to two years in prison after the paramilitary crime task force seized cannabis, cocaine and cash in connection with investigation into the West Belfast UDA.

Enkins (42) was sentenced earlier today to two years – one year to serve and the other on licence.

Police said the sentence would run alongside a sentence handed down in January.

Detective Inspector O’Neill of the Police Service of Northern Ireland said: ‘Officers searched a property in West Belfast in 2020 and seized a quantity of cannabis and cocaine, as well than a sum of money.

“David Jenkins was subsequently arrested on suspicion of a number of drug offences.

“I hope the investigation and the fact that Jenkins appeared in court today provides reassurance that we and partner organizations remain committed to disrupting the activities of those involved in illicit drugs.

“The efforts are in line with Operation Dealbreaker – it is our organizational commitment to tackle all aspects of drug abuse in Northern Ireland, and this includes its harrowing impact on people’s lives and relationships. local.

“We are grateful to the public for their continued support and ask anyone with information or concerns to contact us on 101.”

Earlier, UDA crime bosses in West Belfast issued a UK-wide ‘fatwa’ on Jenkins and were prepared to pay £500,000 for his head.

The Sunday World at the time revealed that the UDA were so desperate to find their man that they offered exiled UDA men – forced to flee to Britain alongside Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair in 2003 – a free pass home if they could kill Jenkins.

Notorious UFF boss Adair was dropped from the offer, however.

The UDA have become so paranoid that Jenkins (41) is busy reporting them to the authorities, including the Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF), the terror group held high level meetings over the kidnapping of a member of his family.

Concerns were raised at a meeting of the commanders of A, B and C companies with an agreement that Jenkins should be “dealt with”.

At that meeting, the paranoids said they even watched houses linked to Jenkins – in case he got homesick and returned to Belfast.

Speaking to the Sunday World, Jenkins said: “They’re all full of crap. I would never talk to the peelers, never have. I haven’t been in touch with the PCTF since the last time we they made the house.

“I have no interest in the peelers – at the minute – but there is always a backup plan, ‘Plan B’, and ‘Plan B’ is all the information I have on the phone and if they want fuck *about me and threaten me, I’ll give the peelers as much shit as they want.”

He also revealed he’s only ever dealt with the three ‘C’ Company brigadiers at the top and does so on a daily basis – and says he has voicemails, text messages and more evidence if he needs to use it.

He added that he was not afraid of the UDA and warned that he would target their families if they did anything to him.


Dealer David ‘Dee’ Jenkins

Dealer David ‘Dee’ Jenkins

Jenkins was the terror group’s cocaine kingpin and told the Sunday World he made £500,000 a month from the sale of the drug on an industrial scale.

Jenkins ran an online drugs ring under the name ‘Mr P’, but fled Northern Ireland last March after learning the loyalist crime gang planned to kill him.

They had blamed him for a missing £10,000 cache of pure cocaine that went missing Shankill Days after he fled the country.

The moment we revealed Jenkins’ Mr P business was up and running again, the paranoid bosses at Shankill decided to move it out of West Belfast for safety reasons.

The cocaine wholesale trade was run by West Belfast ‘D’ Company from a secret address in Newtownards in an effort to prevent the PCTF from catching them.

A source said at the time: “They want him so dead they’ve offered £500,000 for his head because that’s the amount he told the Sunday World he made for them selling drugs every month.”

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Richard L. Militello