Rockford Doctor looks at new mask guidelines

Dr Norem joins the show every Monday morning at 7:05 am to give us the latest news on the coronavirus, COVID-19 and the vaccine deployment.

Dr Norem has joined us pretty much every week for over a year now. He was explaining things during the lockdown last spring and he guided us through the pandemic. We learn something new from Dr Norem every week and this week was no exception.

The big news last week was that the CDC announced that those who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks in most public spaces. They are still recommended in close proximity and in all medical centers, but for the most part, those who are vaccinated are free to do without a mask.

We asked Dr Norem what he thought of the announcement and how it would affect the health of the country. Dr Norem was very excited about this announcement and loves the fact that it means people can start living “normally” again. He knows there’s a good chance that strong anti-vaxxers probably won’t be completely honest about being vaccinated without a mask, but the good, which makes people get vaccinated, will outweigh the good. disadvantages of people who do not respect the honor system.

We also asked Dr Norem what the chances are that the numbers are going up and that we have to go back to wearing masks, or worse yet, another lockdown. Dr Norem is convinced that this will not happen for two main reasons. One is that the public is unlikely to accept or follow a tightening of restrictions. But more importantly, all the evidence shows that all 3 vaccines on the US market are reasonably effective against all of the new mutations we’ve seen develop over the past few months.

We love seeing Dr. Norem every week. We have had visits from him that were not really positive, not because of Dr Norem, but because of the situation in which the country found itself. It was one of the most positive visits we have had, and we hope even better in the future.

Soon we may have the chance to cancel the entire segment.

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