Real Madrid slap €70m price tag on Manchester United target Casemiro

“The market is closed for us,” was the phrase Carlo Ancelotti used in July. The Italian seemed convinced that Real Madrid wouldn’t be making any more signings this summer, but he probably didn’t intend to lose any of their stars.

Manchester United are after one of their stalwarts in midfield, Casemiro. The Brazilian, now 30, could become the fourth highest-paid player in the Premier League after Erling Haaland, Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo, according to Mundo Deportivo. United are desperate for reinforcements and will offer him a net salary of €10.5m a year for the next five seasons.

Real Madrid won’t necessarily stand in the way of a deal either, according to sport. If Casemiro asks to leave and the offer comes from United, Los Blancos would let him go as a sign of gratitude for his many years of service. The figure that would change their minds is 70 million euros. Earlier today it was reported that United would reach €60m, but given the near end of the market, that seems like a discrepancy that could be ironed out.

Again for United, the hardest part will be convincing the player to make the move. Aside from a new challenge and a pay rise, it looks like United can offer Casemiro little that he doesn’t already have at Madrid.

Image via David Ramos/Getty Images

Richard L. Militello