People keep talking about the giant pallets of baguettes from Costco France

The photo on Reddit boxes of baguettes, stacked inside Costco in France, did not conform to some Redditors’ stereotypes of what buying baked goods in that country should look like. “I imagined that Parisians are so picky with baguettes, and they refuse to eat anything other than the ones cooked by their favorite baker, so it’s interesting,” commented a Redditor. They received an answer intended to pierce this myth: “Paris is not as chic or candle as you might think. Lots of ordinary people, working regular jobs, living ordinary lives.

As the Reddit community debated the merits of baguettes at Costco in France, a Redditor stepped in to say that her French husband even found baguettes at American Costco to be decent. “He said he puts them on par with an average French grocery store,” the Redditor said.

Yet another Reddit user was hesitant to ditch the stereotype about French bakery products. “In France, I was very disappointed to see locals buying supermarket baguettes and prepackaged croissants. In one case there was a real bakery next door with much better produce,” they wrote.

The stacks of baguettes at French Costco only prove that everyone loves a bargain. When Atlantic visited the Costco shortly after it opened, a group of teenage footballers were overjoyed to find a 40-pack of Kirkland water for just $ 3.79. One of the teens summed up Costco’s appeal: “It’s cheap! “

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