Melbourne’s iconic tower house listed with $10million price tag

Contemplating your hometown from a great height is an awe-inspiring experience, bordering on humility. After the wild unpredictability and bustle of the past two years, seeing stout-hearted Melbourne spread out before you in 360-degree splendor is a joy.

Many will have seen the sights from the Eureka Tower skydeck – it’s still breathtaking – but in this lush apartment spanning the entire 80th floor, it really is rarefied air.

Level 80/7 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006

The property is offered as part of the Grollo estate, now under administration. The layout is extraordinary and it is possible to individualize it further, with joinery ready to be finished.

The ride is smooth as you ascend from the fire pit to the heavens. When the elevator doors open, you have a moment to calm down before deciding which route to take.

A lobby is the central link between an apartment which is essentially divided into two halves. Trying to give 100% accurate orientation to the rooms is nearly impossible here, such is the sweep and scope of the floor plan, but at the most northwestern end you’ll find the bedroom section.

Head southeast and the flowing footprint accommodates the living-kitchen-dining areas.

They’re faithful indicators of function and location — but the prosaic nature of descriptors like “living room” and “bedroom” flattens the vista quite stunningly beyond the windows of each space.

The bay, the river, the bridges and the spires unfold in a rich tapestry.

Level 80, Eureka Tower, 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank
The immaculate kitchen surrounded by several living and dining areas. Photo: Kay & Burton

It’s spectacular here. The near-diamond shape of the floor plan allows for expansive views at every turn.

Heading south-west there is a magnificent bedroom with views stretching from Melbourne’s newest riverside towers to the bay, the Bolte and the Docklands.

An equally generous desk next to it also offers postcard views, as well as a more relaxed lounge area for the day’s business.

There is a nice shower room next to a small antechamber in the hallway opposite.

This gives you room to breathe before immersing yourself in the incredible dimensions of the main chamber that stretches from this western edge to the northeast.

A spacious walk-in closet and walk-in closet is the size of a small apartment on its own, and its open layout is superbly accessible and beautifully lush.

Nestled into the tip of the western edge, a splendid living space precedes the breathtaking master bedroom, views intersect here to include the grand northern boulevards as they emerge from the shadow of the city’s skyscrapers – strangely, captivating, eclipsed from this vantage point.

Level 80, Eureka Tower, 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank
One of four superb bedrooms, each with a walk-in closet. Photo: Kay & Burton

The river has never looked so beautiful, meandering along the bottom of the windows and drawing your attention to Melbourne’s spectacular sports district. The MCG, AAMI Park and the tiny blue rectangles sprawling within the tennis grounds of Melbourne Park are as breathtaking a sight as any you could try to find.

Then you go to the bathroom. While each room here is stunning on its own, the views are obviously the things that capture you, and this bathroom can hold its own in the show stakes.

This is no doubt largely thanks to the stunning circular frescoes by French mosaic artist Mathilde Jonquière on the bathroom walls. The intricate and colorful swirls are mesmerizing, set against the matte stone finishes and travertine flooring.

Go back to the central connecting passage and there are two more chambers on the north side. The first is designated the guest suite and offers another vast living space and a dazzling stone bathroom. The views, of course, come with the room.

Level 80, Eureka Tower, 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank
One of many bathrooms with only the finest finishes. Photo: Kay & Burton

Another room lets you see something rarely seen: the tip of the Arts Center spire.

Unfolding in the open-plan main salon is a treat. The formal dining room is conveniently located next to the kitchen and features the splendid Magny Le Louvre limestone flooring that flows neatly through this section.

Step away from the windows and you’ll appreciate the starkly beautiful central kitchen – a dramatic dark stone anchor amid all that glorious city light.

Beyond this area on the south side is a large informal space with another stone bench and amenities that could easily create a family room or breakfast bar.

In front of you, two living spaces separated by a column and each facing a splendid pointed prow that soars into the astonishing panorama.

Albert Park Lake, St Kilda Road, the Music Bowl, Government House, the bay and the boats – our remarkable city is beautifully presented before you, courtesy of this strikingly beautiful home.

Must know:

The Eureka Tower has a 24-hour concierge, 30-seat cinema, gymnasium, swimming pool, and deck for resident use. This apartment is substantially appointed with high end, fully paid bespoke millwork which is available to the buyer subject to payment of international shipping and installation charges.

What the agent says

“Rising above Southbank, this apartment on Level 80 of the Eureka Tower is a unique opportunity to complement this extraordinary Melbourne residence.” Gerald Delany

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Richard L. Militello