Margot Henderson’s Fantastic Dinner – Champagne and Bistro Dishes with the Two Queen Elizabeths

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I invite Sarah lucas, Elisabeth i, Elisabeth ii and Nina simone, and I can feel the ground shaking with their glow.

Paris, we must be in Paris. Lunch at my favorite Parisian restaurant, Le Baratin. Raquel Carena cooks traditional French cuisine with little sweet touches. His partner Philippe runs the bar, which is filled with delicious French wines. It’s quite a hike up there. Imagine the scene: these four beauties going up to 3 rue Jouye-Rouve.

I was in love with Elizabeth I from a very young age. Growing up in New Zealand, I admired this exotic and wonderful woman. She might not have been the best company in recent years, but earlier, before her skin started to peel, she must have had a good time. I usually wouldn’t suggest a dress code, but we have to do it with her, so no corsets.

The Baratin room is intimate, the kitchen surprisingly small considering the food that comes out. The menu is simple, delicious, French bistro cuisine. It is the local food, the food that women used to cook at home, that seems so difficult to find in France these days. I blame Michelin.

Elizabeth II is, of course, a wonderful inspiration to everyone, a multi-faceted woman, whom we don’t know much about. I want to hear stories about horses and prime ministers, wars, relationships and what it’s like to be born into work. Our mutual love for Scotland is also a good topic for us. I thought about taking us there but Paris for lunch is always so exciting.

Nina, a queen of the arts, instantly integrates, telling stories of politics, America, her childhood, her loves, her choices and her absence. Sarah gives him some tips for a laugh. I see her as the link between them all and I wonder how others will see her art. Sarah has the gift of being able to talk to anyone about anything and make them smile. Later we will have some performances: poetry of the Elizabeths, a song with Nina. I would like her to sing “Mississippi Goddam”. She really is a genius.

A glass of champagne is needed right away. Then a little Chablis – Philippe can suggest the best because only the best will do for these four.

I can’t wait to take them to Baratin, where it’s hard not to order the whole menu. The homemade terrine to start. Then the calf’s brain, wobbly, like clouds of joy floating in butter, chives and new potatoes. Food for queens. A glass of Beaune Les Prévoles by Jean-Claude Rateau sings with the brains.

Bring the burgundy. To follow, veal kidneys, with a mashed potato in butter, a little chicken broth. Only one to share. Then the boiled chicken, a beautiful poached chicken with vegetables and dijon. Comforting and soft. Then cheese and more wine. Finally, a crème caramel, to savor. And after, a little layer.

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