Manchin signals he will support $ 1.75 billion price tag for spending plan

Senator Joe manchinJoe Manchin Democrats like what they saw in Harris-Charlamagne God trades Biden’s policies are not very happy Miserly Manchin stole Christmas and hope from American families MORE (DW.Va.) signaled Thursday that he could support the $ 1.75 trillion price tag for the Democrats’ social spending plan, although he did not say if he supports the framework agreement global.

“We have negotiated a good number that we have worked on, and we are all dealing in good faith,” Manchin told reporters.

When asked if $ 1.75 trillion was too high, Manchin replied, “It has been negotiated.”

Manchin’s comments are his first indication that he is backing $ 1.75 trillion in revenue – the size of the framework agreement Biden announced. Democrats are offering to pay for their plan, in part, with tax increases focused on high-income households and businesses.

The revenue is significantly below the $ 3.5 trillion spending cap that Democrats paved the way for with a budget resolution earlier this year that put the spending deal in place. Progressives had hoped for a $ 6 trillion bill.

But Manchin’s preferred prize has been considerably smaller. Manchin had said for weeks he was at $ 1.5 trillion. Biden then kicked off around $ 2 trillion in revenue, and Democrats said last week they expected Manchin to reach between $ 1.7 trillion and $ 2 trillion.

Manchin’s suggestion that he helped negotiate the $ 1.75 trillion revenue for the spending framework deal comes as he dodged several times Thursday if he supported the framework.

“This is all in the hands of the House right now. I have worked in good faith and look forward to continuing to work in good faith and that’s all I’m going to say, ”Manchin told reporters earlier on Thursday.

Manchin has been at the center of a lobbying storm as Democrats try to lock down his support for various provisions of the spending framework.

In a vote on Thursday, the chairman of the Senate finance committee Ron wydenRonald (Ron) Lee WydenManchin told the White House he would support Billionaire Tax version: Report Democrats seek to cut Biden Bill to pass Senate Democrats ask for information on PLUS nursing home boosters (D-Ore.), Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works Tom carperThomas (Tom) Richard CarperBiden raises vehicle mileage standards, reversing Trump’s setback Key climate program remains on the spending bill – for now Amtrak appoints longtime executive as CEO MORE (D-Dél.), Democratic Whip of the Senate Dick durbinDick Durbin Ukrainian President and US lawmakers stand together amid tensions with Russia To fix our prison system we need more than a change of leadership Democrats ready to play hard with Manchin MORE (D-Ill.), Senate Majority Leader Charles schumerChuck Schumer Congressional Black Caucus Calls Senate To Meet Again And Pass Voting Rights Law Christmas Miracle In Congress Does Anyone Love Congress More? FOLLOWING (DN.Y.) and Sen. King angusAngus King Democrats ready to face filibuster, voting rights Republican Senator text Joe Manchin to join GOP Senate expert to brief Democrats on potential rule changes MORE (I-Maine) stopped Manchin to talk to him.

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Although Manchin has not said whether he supports the cadre, some of his fellow Democrats told reporters on Thursday that they believe he has the support of the 50 Democrats in the Senate.

“It is clear that they support this plan,” said the senator. Chris CoonChris Andrew CoonsUkrainian President, US lawmakers rally amid tensions with Russia Harris tests negative for COVID-19 after close contact with assistant Senator Coons announces positive COVID-19 test MORE (D-Del.) Spoke to reporters from Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten SinemaKyrsten SinemaBiden finds par with black voters Democrats ready to face filibuster, voting rights Democrats seek to cut Biden bill to pass MORE (D-Arizona), adding that he had spoken to both of them.

Senator Tim kaineTimothy (Tim) Michael Kaine Democrats set to clash over filibuster, voting rights Senate ends for year, with Build Back Better, voting rights Photos of the week: consequences of the tornado, medal of honor and booming superhero PLUS (D-Va.) Added that he also believed there were 50 votes for the framework agreement.

Joe bidenShow preview Joe BidenSunday: Omicron soars and Harris sits down for in-depth interview Democrats like what they saw in Harris-Charlamagne God trades Biden policies are not very merry MORE would not have announced this agreement and put Sens. [Sinema] and Manchin’s name in the opening paragraph of the ad, unless he feels a high degree of trust, ”Kaine said.

Richard L. Militello