Jordan Poole’s value to the Warriors (and his price) is skyrocketing, it’s undeniable – The Athletic

Maybe Jordan Poole deserves a major contract extension just because he proved on Wednesday that he can bother and harass Chris Paul, who is usually the guy who does 99.9% of the harassing.

Maybe Poole’s teammates watched all the back-and-forth play late in the fourth quarter of the Warriors’ four-point loss to the Suns at Chase Center, absorbed what it really meant about the new Poole’s status in this league and within the Warriors hierarchy. and loved every second.

Perhaps everything Poole worked on was partially symbolized by this moment and many more on Wednesday. Maybe Poole really is a different, tougher, more valuable and much more respected player now than he was just a few weeks ago. I believe it because I watch it happen.

The Warriors didn’t win the game and thus fell to the fourth seed in the West playoffs, but they played at a much higher level than they have in some time. They had energy. They had a sense of pride. They appeared to be gearing up for a concerted playoff race. And Poole was right in the middle. Sometimes in the lead.

Although Poole didn’t destroy Paul, he scored 38 points, basically made the plays that are usually rolled out for injured Stephen Curry, continued his month-long run as the Warriors’ most dangerous player and is engaged with Paul and the No. 1- Suns seeded both physically and rhetorically.

It wasn’t just about the buckets, it was about the backbone.

Richard L. Militello