Is Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Galactic Starcruiser Price Tag Worth It?

Image via Lucasfilm

disney worldThe immersive two-day Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser experience feels like a vacation that would fulfill every geek’s fandom dreams between Orlando, Florida, and an entire galaxy far, far away. Lightsaber training! Ship piloting! Blue shrimp! What’s not to like?

Well, maybe it’s the cost. A package for a family of four can cost around $6,000. With a price tag that could buy a used car or pay off a semester or two of college, it’s even the most expansive star wars is the experience to date worth the size of a Death Star in the family budget?

Disney has already had a few explosions from the ion cannon which is the star wars the fandom and various aspects of the so-called experiment were mocked mercilessly and relentlessly, such as a rickety white truck used as a ‘space shuttle’ that ferried guests to the ‘starcruiser’, to footage of the attraction Crown of Corelia Dining Room – mocked for its touristy feel and lack of true Star Wars aesthetic by Redditors, to a pre-release video that rolled so many eyes it was taken down. So can The Empire Fight Back – or Return of the Jedi, however you want to interpret Disney as in the equation – from the torrent of thumbs down.

Disney recently invited a number of members of the press to participate in the Starcruiser Experience to answer this question. The answer? A resounding “yes”. IF you’re a huge Star Wars fan, of course. Casual fans can experience a bit of Jedi-level good, Sith-level bad, and even Gamorrean-level lousy after spending the average admission price of $2400, however inclusive that may be. As for people who haven’t cared about the franchise since the last time they took their kids to see Return of the Jedi? They may want to skip the trip altogether.

The immersion factor really tries to weave guests or “passengers” into a story that takes place after the original trilogy and at times during the last First Order agents aboard the ship to search for Resistance spies. The ship’s crew are not happy about this, but are trying to carry on with their business. Guests can align with one factor or another, which affects their “trip” experience as well as which areas they can access. According to CNBC‘s Sarah Whitten, active participation is paramount to truly getting the most out of Galactic Starcruiser. “If you suspend your disbelief, embrace the story and participate without embarrassment, this will be a journey you and your family will never forget.” Whitten writes.

Guests use several interactive devices, including Disney’s Magic Bands, which allow them to access the different areas, as well as an iPhone “Data Pad” which allows guests to view routes and interact with characters and characters. ship’s data terminals. Passengers can be given missions that are very much like role-playing and provide a “choose your own adventure” setting that allows each guest their own unique experience,

Of course, there are plenty of common areas for guests to enjoy. The dining room features unique menus designed by Galaxy’s Edge Chef Brian Piasecki, who created unique menus for each meal that push the story forward and offer familiar dishes with Star Wars spins. Although alcohol is not included in the ticket price, there are still options available for adults, and each, like the food, has been elevated by the trappings of the Star Wars galaxy. And yes, Blue Milk is available and included in your ticket price.

However, Galactic Starcruiser lacks some of the amenities that many Disney customers have come to expect. The “Halcyon”, the Starcruiser in question is smaller than most Disney park hotels, and as such some comforts have been sacrificed to better serve the “experience”. Don’t expect a pool or gym, for example. The cabins are definitely in line with the adventure theme, with bunk beds inspired by the bunks on the Millennium Falcon — but don’t expect a five-star suite. yahoo Terri Peters, lifestyle editor, described the rooms as “minimalist”, writing: “There was a surprising lack of outlets to charge our devices and limited space to store clothes, but the beds were comfortable and the theme seemed relevant. »

Peters also noted that “if you’re truly immersed in the Galactic Starcruiser story, you’ll have little time to sit and think about it.”

But about that price.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. 2 nights accommodation
  2. 1 MagicBand per guest
  3. Car service
  4. 4 meals on the Halcyon and 1 quick-service meal at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  5. Admission to Hollywood Studios for a Galaxy’s Edge Tour
  6. The immersive experience itself

Price for a party of four? Well, let’s say two adults, a teenager and a 9 year old want to come. It would cost $5,999 (Disney charges anyone over 10 adult price tags).

Is it worth it? Well, it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. Some superfans will no doubt be picking up tickets… but some of us may just opt ​​for a trip to Six Flags and a binge session of Boba Fett’s Book.

Richard L. Militello