French tourist “fallen through hard times” found guilty of shoplifting

A French tourist hid supermarket items in a bag at the bottom of her cart.  (File photo)

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A French tourist hid supermarket items in a bag at the bottom of her cart. (File photo)

A French tourist who stole from Nelson stores had “had a hard time” at the end of her trip.

Sophie Nathalie Fazio, 32, pleaded three counts of shoplifting on Monday in Nelson District Court.

According to the police summary of facts, Fazio visited Miter 10 on June 7. She picked up some household items and took them to the toilet “… where she transferred the items to her bag, removing some of the wrapping in the process.”

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Then she left the store without paying for the items, which were valued at $ 146.

During his visits to New World on June 10 and 18, Fazio hid items in a bag in his cart. She covered it with another bag. At the checkout, she paid for a few items, but not those hidden in the cart.

The value of the items she picked up from the supermarket was $ 188.

When the police spoke to her, Fazio said she was in a bad situation and worried about the money.

Fazio’s attorney, Hennessey, said the tourist regretted her actions and wanted to apologize.

Originally from France, she had traveled to New Zealand for 18 months.

“She’s had a hard time and has no money,” Hennessey said.

Fazio planned to leave the country when his visa expired on June 30, he said.

Judge Garry Barkle found her guilty on all three counts and ordered her to immediately pay $ 335 in compensation.

Barkle ordered Fazio to seek his sentence if he is called in the next three months.

“But you’ll be well and truly gone by then.”

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