Final space: HUE made its Parisian dreams come true

In the first season of Final Space, HUE expressed a desire to discover Paris and their dream finally came true in the second episode of season 3.

For an artificial intelligence that runs a ship, HUE sometimes seems a little depressed. This seemed to be the case in season 2 of Final space, when he kept trying to make the most of being stuck in a dilapidated body instead of being part of a mighty ship. But at least he finally got to see Paris in season 3, fulfilling a promise he had made since the start of season 1, episode 2.

HUE is technically an acronym for Heuristic Unified Entity, which it was when fans met him in Season 1, Episode 1. He was the artificial intelligence that ran the Galaxy One, as well as the Overseer of the Space Prison. Gary Goodspeed’s five-year anniversary. phrasing. Unfortunately for Gary, his Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion, an irritating and incompetent robot called KVN, was also there, tormenting him endlessly.

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For all intents and purposes, HUE was Gary’s manager. In addition to running the ship, HUE was responsible for making sure Gary served his prison sentence properly and punished him by adding time to that sentence when he didn’t. Even after Mooncake showed up and changed their lives in incredible ways, Gary still had to complete his prison term. Even time travel was not enough to get around it.

In Season 1, Episode 2, Gary spoke to HUE about what he would do if he had the proper body shape. HUE said he would like to experience Paris. The disembodied artificial intelligence had spent its entire existence in a ship, which made it very difficult to enjoy the cheese, baguettes and fantasy of the most romantic city in the world. But season 2 was going to be a game-changer for him.

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After the destruction of the Galaxy One at the end of Season 1, HUE was forced into a terrible and useless robot body for Season 2. He became more and more depressed as he tried to make the most of it. ‘a bad situation. Then, in episode 2 of season 3, HUE’s dearest desire came true. He and the rest of the team eventually found themselves back on Earth, making their debut in Paris, France. It wasn’t all wine and roses, however.

By this point, Earth had been dragged into final space, and everyone on the planet except one person was dead. Unfortunately for Gary, that lone survivor was the man who created KVN and he was surrounded by hundreds of others from the bane of Goodspeed’s existence. Regardless, the fact that the city is in ruins and there are literally corpses everywhere hasn’t stopped HUE from trying to enjoy its dream vacation in Paris.

That being said, his robot body was collapsing around him, making the fun a bit more difficult. It was the same with the eventual annihilation of the Earth. While Paris wasn’t all HUE wanted it to be, the trip wasn’t a complete mess. The crew managed to get their hands on a new ship called the Galaxy Two, and HUE was able to settle in as the new artificial intelligence. HUE was back in its place and that definitely made up for his morbid vacation in Paris.

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