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In her bestseller Tout Le Monde Savait published in May, Valérie Bacot, 40, admitted having shot Daniel Polette in self-defense in 2016. She faces a life sentence for murder.

“It is with this same weapon, in another forest one day and so that he does not kill us that I killed him”, wrote Bacot.

Bacot said Polette, 25 years older than her, first raped her when she was 12. At the time, Polette was her mother’s boyfriend, but Bacot calls him her stepfather in the book.

In 1996, Polette was convicted of rape of a minor and spent two and a half years in prison, Bacot’s lawyer Nathalie Tomasini told CNN.

Bacot wrote in his book that after Polette’s release he began to abuse her again and that she got pregnant at the age of 17.

“One morning in the dining room, he starts screaming because I didn’t put the baby’s toys away properly. He turns to me and slaps me hard without warning,” Bacot wrote, remembering one. of the countless times she has been hit by Polette.

Over the course of 18 years, Bacot and Polette had four children together, two of whom helped bury their father’s body after Bacot shot him dead. In 2019, they each received a 6-month suspended prison sentence for concealing a human corpse, Bacot’s lawyer said.

During the investigation, the children spoke of the relentless abuse their mother suffered from Polette. According to court documents, the court-appointed psychiatrist said Bacot was “clearly under Polette’s control”.

Bacot told police she had been repeatedly beaten by Polette and forced her into prostitution.

On several occasions, Polette is said to have told Bacot that if she left him, he would kill her and their children.

“Don’t worry: one day you will leave here,” Polette said when he uttered such a threat, as Bacot recalled in his book.

“But it will be the feet first, and the children too!”

A scourge that will survive Covid-19

The prosecutor said Polette’s murder was premeditated; Bacot’s lawyers deny this.

A petition not to jail Bacot was launched online by lawyers in January, which has so far received more than 580,000 signatures.

The trial is expected to last five days.

Bacot’s case is reminiscent of Jacqueline Sauvage, a French woman who was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted of shooting her husband three times in the back with a shotgun in 2012 – just a day later that their son hanged himself. After serving three years behind bars, Sauvage was released from prison in 2016 when then-president François Hollande granted him a pardon.

NGOs are sounding the alarm on feminicides in France. This year alone, 43 women have lost their lives at the hands of their partner or their husband, according to the defense group “Feminicides by companion or ex”, against 90 women in 2020, according to the French Minister of Justice Eric Dupond- Moretti. The French Ministry of the Interior recorded 146 feminicides in 2019.

Correction: An earlier version of this story named the wrong place as the trial site.

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Canadian Travel and Tourism Policy Updates Take Small First Step, Canada Urgently Needs Comprehensive Plan to Reopen Industry Mon, 21 Jun 2021 21:25:00 +0000

OTTAWA, ON, June 21, 2021 / CNW / – The Canadian Roundtable on Travel and Tourism (the Roundtable) recognizes the federal government’s decision to lift certain quarantine restrictions for Canadians and permanent residents who are fully vaccinated, from July the 5th. Although this is an improvement over current restrictive measures, these changes represent a small first step. Canada urgently needs an appropriate plan and a science-based travel policy in line with what other countries are doing and independent of nationality.

Canadians expected more

Today’s announcement does not tell Canadians what to expect as vaccination efforts continue. Canadians and Canadian businesses have been left in the dark. The federal government has not provided a full reopening plan for international and domestic travel, especially for visiting fully vaccinated foreign nationals Canada in accordance with the recommendations of their own group of experts. Without a doubt, fully vaccinated travelers should be encouraged to come and go, without quarantine or restrictions. COVID-19 does not recognize your passport, but it does recognize your vaccine. Nationality has nothing to do with it.

Canadian businesses that depend on international travelers are unfairly harmed

Today’s government announcement does nothing to help and improve the Canadian travel and tourism industry. Canadian hospitality businesses rely on international travelers. By allowing Canadians to travel abroad while barring fully vaccinated foreign travelers from entering Canada, the government is at a significant disadvantage to Canadian businesses that, after a year and a half of a pandemic, need a successful summer season to to survive.

Canadian families with young children have been left behind

Upon arrival at Canada, unvaccinated children will be forced to self-quarantine for 14 days, even if their parents are fully vaccinated. This policy is almost unprecedented and does not reflect what from Canada international partners are doing Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. In Canada, children under 12 cannot be vaccinated. Due to the mandatory quarantine of children, Canadian families with children were effectively and unfairly banned from traveling abroad this summer. Today’s announcement opened up international travel to a select few, primarily establishing a two-tier system benefiting business travel and those without young children.

The absurdity of from Canada current travel restrictions

Right now in Ontario, it is easier to get Rome than to lead to Rochester. If you live in Quebec, it is easier to fly to Paris than to lead to Vermont.

Canadians are doing their part by getting vaccinated; now is the time for the federal government to provide clear, timely and secure guidance on reopening Canada for traveling. Our people, our communities and our economy depend on it.

SOURCE Canadian Roundtable on Travel and Tourism

For more information: For media inquiries, please contact: Randi Rahamim, [email protected]

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3 quick and laid-back places that bring the DC lunch scene to life Mon, 21 Jun 2021 17:55:32 +0000

A broadcast at Pogiboy.

During the pandemic, there was one sector of the restaurant industry that flourished: cheffy fast-casual. So when the office salad makes its inevitable comeback, it will have a lot of fresh competition. Three upstarts we love:

Pogiboy fried chicken with shrimp chips.

1110 Vermont Ave., NW (inside the block)

For chef Tom Cunanan, it was the James Beard Award he got for his work in the Filipino hot spot of Bad Saint that prompted him to go out on his own – a plan accelerated by the pandemic. While Cunanan has an ambitious vision for a restaurant with a tasting menu, he also teamed up with another Bad Saint alumnus, Paolo Dungca, for a drop-in location inside the Block dining room at the downtown DC.

The place, which opened in January, is full of winks. There’s a riff on Bloomin ‘Onion from Outback. (A classic Cunanan twist: savory crab fat mayo for dipping.) The Pogiboy logo evokes the apple-cheeked child of Bob’s Big Boy. And the menu, with its smash burgers and fried chicken, was largely inspired by Jollibee, the Philippine fast-food juggernaut (and cult favorite of American foodies) who recently opened its first local branch in Wheaton.

At Pogiboy, the smash burger deserves as much love as its inspiration. Usually, this style of burger is more about the sum than the parts. The meat here is so good that you will want to taste it. Chefs ground beef from Roseda Farms in Maryland, then shape it into 3.6-ounce patties. (They wanted them to be more generous than the 3.3 ounces of Five Guys.) Spicy caramelized onions with adobo, cheese and a special sauce finish it off.

The pair tocino burger has already developed an audience. The magenta-tinted pancake is made from salted pork and longanis sausage. It’s pretty sweet, but there’s enough acid, in the form of pickled green papaya, carrots, and cabbage, to balance it out. I also had an “Eugene” sandwich, named after Cunanan’s late brother. This is a big serving of finely sliced ​​marinated top rings that is countered by a good dose of horseradish, as well as raw and cooked onions.

The chefs’ fried chicken is made memorable by a marinade that includes buttermilk, mashed long peppers and calamansi, the citrus ubiquitous in Filipino cuisine. It gets double fried and stays crisp even if you put it in the fridge. A roasting version of the bird is marinated in burnt coconut and curry for three days, then served with the same creamy kale with coconut milk you would have already found in Bad Saint.

There is already a late night menu, with poutine and sinigang Chicken quesadillas, but Cunanan and Dungca – two major talents who are there every day – have bigger plans for Pogiboy when the offices reopen: happy hours, catering and more seating. Like in Bad Saint, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a line to contend with as well.

Salteñas de Saya Salteñas.

1819 Seventh St., NO

It took a whole year for Maria Helena Iturralde to perfect the dough for her salteña, the crescent-shaped Bolivian snack that looks like an empanada but filled with a beef or chicken stew.

She tinkered with her recipe on weekends – when she wasn’t tied to her DC catering business – and looked for alternatives to the yellow-orange dye found in most Bolivian salteñas (she suggested a mixture of turmeric and annatto seeds) or vegetable shortening which gives the crust a great crunch (no dice on that one).

This struggle turned into a safety net for Iturralde when his restaurant business shut down last year. She started Saya Salteña, in part to hang on to her longtime employees. When food halls such as Union Market and La Cosecha weren’t giving her time (“They weren’t even tasting the food!”), She began to build a following by showing up in breweries. She now has a storefront delivery / pickup business in Shaw.

The small menu has a few superfluous items, like pork-filled sliders and steamed corn cakes, but you’re really there for the salteñas. They take three days to make, and they’re great. If you’re new to them, approach one as you would a soup dumpling: bite off the tip, then suck in the steaming liquid. (Iturralde includes instructions for each order.) Whether you go for beef or chicken, you’ll also find pieces of hard-boiled egg, kalamata olive, and diced potatoes. I head for the pocket of spicy beef. It’s not really spicy at all, as it’s flavored with aji, the slow-burning Andean pepper rather than a punch.

The other big hit of the menu is the cunap, a small soft cheese puff pastry made with tapioca starch and egg. Understanding this was not easy for Iturralde either. It didn’t take a year, but we had to test recipes with around 50 Latin American cheeses.

The birria cheesesteak at Little Miner Taco.

3809 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood (miXt food hall); 967 Rose Ave., North Bethesda (The Block)

Birria– the slow-cooked beef, lamb or goat’s long-cooked taco filling – has become so popular in the United States over the past year or so that I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop up at the Cheesecake Factory. What sets taco apart – and turned it into a TikTok craze – is that you dip the meat-stuffed tortilla into a brick red consomme made from the braising liquid.

Even if birria has long been on the menu at traditional places like Columbia Heights’ Taqueria Habanero, the Jalisco-born dish is increasingly popping up here. (See Taqueria Xochi, Mama Tigre, Rebel Taco.) Mackenzie Kitburi was a birria early adopter. His Little Miner Taco started in 2019 as a booth in a Brentwood dining room. It has since spawned two food trucks, one in Baltimore, as well as a stand inside the Block Food Hall at Pike & Rose and an upcoming location in Brookland.

Kitburi buys whole animals, so his birria is a mix of halal cuts of beef – you might find rib eye, you might find tenderloin – and it cooks the beef for eight hours in French broth. It serves it in many forms: ramen, egg rolls and, most successful, a zigzag cheesesteak with chipotle aioli. As good as this sandwich is, the birria is best sampled in one of its more classic forms: quesabirria of res. The corn tortilla is topped with cheese and showcases the richness of the meat and broth. Birria tacos represent half of Kitburi’s sales.

A nice touch: Kitburi, father of three, allows the children to eat for free.

This article appears in the June 2021 issue of Washingtonian.

Anne Limpert

Editor-in-chief / food critic

Ann Limpert has joined Washingtonian at the end of 2003. She was previously editorial assistant at Weekly entertainment and cook in New York restaurant kitchens, and is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. She lives in Logan Circle.

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French tourist “fallen through hard times” found guilty of shoplifting Mon, 21 Jun 2021 00:33:00 +0000

A French tourist hid supermarket items in a bag at the bottom of her cart.  (File photo)

unknown / trick

A French tourist hid supermarket items in a bag at the bottom of her cart. (File photo)

A French tourist who stole from Nelson stores had “had a hard time” at the end of her trip.

Sophie Nathalie Fazio, 32, pleaded three counts of shoplifting on Monday in Nelson District Court.

According to the police summary of facts, Fazio visited Miter 10 on June 7. She picked up some household items and took them to the toilet “… where she transferred the items to her bag, removing some of the wrapping in the process.”

* A repeat shoplifter stole while serving time for a previous shoplifting
* This Game of Thrones cast reunion at the 2020 SAG Awards may make you cry
* Game Of Thrones stars say goodbye

Then she left the store without paying for the items, which were valued at $ 146.

During his visits to New World on June 10 and 18, Fazio hid items in a bag in his cart. She covered it with another bag. At the checkout, she paid for a few items, but not those hidden in the cart.

The value of the items she picked up from the supermarket was $ 188.

When the police spoke to her, Fazio said she was in a bad situation and worried about the money.

Fazio’s attorney, Hennessey, said the tourist regretted her actions and wanted to apologize.

Originally from France, she had traveled to New Zealand for 18 months.

“She’s had a hard time and has no money,” Hennessey said.

Fazio planned to leave the country when his visa expired on June 30, he said.

Judge Garry Barkle found her guilty on all three counts and ordered her to immediately pay $ 335 in compensation.

Barkle ordered Fazio to seek his sentence if he is called in the next three months.

“But you’ll be well and truly gone by then.”

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“We” offers marital anguish and a trip to Europe Sun, 20 Jun 2021 13:31:00 +0000

Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Barcelona. the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum, the academy, the Miro museum. Bistros, trattorias, canals, picturesque hotels, cocktails, dazzling sunshine on the sparkling Mediterranean.

It sounds like the prepandemic party of a thousand fantasies, and it is. In the four-part miniseries ‘Us’, which premiered on Sunday The ‘masterpiece of PBS“, Tom Hollander (” The Night Manager “) and Saskia Reeves (” Luther “) play the roles of Douglas and Connie Petersen, a middle-aged married couple taking their cranky teenage son, Albie (Tom Taylor), in a” great “European” tour before leaving home to study photography at university.

There is just a small catch; Connie told Douglas their marriage was over. And Douglas is determined to change his mind.

Adapted by British writer David Nicholls, from his own Booker-nominated novel of the same name, and shot between July and October 2019, “Us” is a gentle but penetrating look at the passage of time and the way in which relationships harden. . diagram. Like the book, the series swings between the present and flashbacks that show how young Douglas (Iain De Caestecker) and Connie (Gina Bramhill) met. He is a biochemist, inhibited, orderly and risk averse. She is an artist, impulsive and who likes to have fun. (When she offers him medication the first time they meet, he says, “No thanks, I took a pill for indigestion.”)

They have an opposite-attraction relationship, eventually marry, and have a baby girl, who dies a few days after birth. Later they have Albie. But as their son prepares to leave the house, Connie decides she should follow suit. “I want changeShe says to Douglas, who looks at her blankly.

In a phone interview, Nicholls said the inspiration for the novel came from the book tours he undertook while promoting his bestseller “One Day,” which was turned into a film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. “I didn’t really travel to Europe until my 30s, partly because I couldn’t afford it, but also because I felt intimidated,” Nicholls said. “Then on a book tour, I rushed through all these wonderful cities and really fell in love with them.”

“Us,” his next novel, “was a love letter to Europe,” he said, written with the belief that Brexit would not happen.

Of course, he finally did. But by the time the series aired on the BBC last September, the pandemic had supplanted the complications of Brexit, and Britain was still partly on lockdown. “Rather than a love letter to Europe,” said Nicholls regretfully, “the series has become a love letter to leave home.”

Critics fainted at the unmasked, hand sanitizer-less vision of people jumping in and out of trains, walking through crowded squares and making impulsive decisions. “Should they see the Mona Lisa?” »Wrote Rebecca Nicholson in The Guardian. “I was practically screaming onscreen that they should try their luck while they can because it won’t always be that easy.” The show, wrote Ed Cumming in The Independent, is a pre-containment vision of paradise. “The Louvre! What a lovely concept.

Art, both in the book and in the series, is a stealthy means of change for Douglas, who shifts from worrying about how to react (“at least someone is having a worse vacation than us,” he then said. they contemplate “The Raft of the Medusa” at the Louvre), to a more emotionally sensitive approach as he and Connie stroll through the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona, ​​in the last episode.

The series offers lavish views of high art, as the family continues to play out their dysfunctional dynamic in some of Europe’s largest museums and most picturesque public spaces. “It’s a real escape,” said Susanne Simpson, executive producer of “Masterpiece”. “You really get this great tour of Europe; museums, restaurants, street life. It is a joyous and bittersweet experience.

Taylor said doing the show was almost as exciting. “It was amazing to tour these galleries, and sometimes to have them for yourself,” he said, noting that he, Reeves and Hollander spent time rehearsing intensely inside the British Museum for ” determining the dynamics and getting the right family chemistry. ”(Anyone who has come in contact with a moody teenager is likely to find the dynamics surprisingly precise.)

Join Times theater reporter Michael Paulson in conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda, see a performance of Shakespeare in the Park, and more as we explore the signs of hope in a transformed city. For a year, the “Offstage” series followed the theater until it closed. We now take a look at its rebound.

In some ways, Nicholls said, it was easier to create a balanced view of family in the show than in the novel, which was written in the first person from Douglas’ perspective. Hollander, whose company Bandstand Productions co-produced the series with Drama Republic, said there had been “a lot of conversation with Connie,” especially in the months leading up to filming.

“In the book, we see it through Douglas’ eyes because he tells the story,” Hollander said in a telephone interview. “On screen, we wanted what was happening to her to be fully articulated.”

The result, Reeves said, is a more nuanced picture of the damage inflicted by Douglas’ tendency to “pin things down and analyze them.”

“I think her inability to see and appreciate a creative mind – which Albie is also – is what kills things for Connie,” she said. “This is also why she is determined to continue the journey; art will nourish her, nourish her confidence.

The couple’s conflict, like the rest of the series, is sketched out with a skillful blend of comedy and pain.

“That’s David’s skill and what Tom is so good at – being totally truthful but funny,” Reeves said. “I wanted to show that the breakdown of a relationship is shared; no one is perfect, no one is mean. There are all kinds of dysfunctions in their marriage that have as much to do with her as he does.

Other changes from the novel included a reduction in the total number of destinations, a decision made for budgetary and logistical reasons. Still, the schedule was grueling, said Geoffrey Sax, who directed all the episodes.

“There were over 162 sets with four crews in five countries – England, France, Spain, Holland, Italy – and three different calendars,” he said. “Sometimes we would shoot the 1990s in the morning, today at lunchtime and 10 years earlier in the afternoon.”

They also shot all of the many train scenes in real time on real trains, Sax added, with little scope for replays. “It was an economic decision, but also more immediate and more truthful,” he said. “There was no time to agonize.”

Although the series gives more voice to Connie and Albie – whose personality emerges more fully in the second half of the series – the guiding line remains the tragicomic evolution of Douglas as he confronts his deepest fear. : this Connie, whom he always adored, will leave him. Hollander, one of Britain’s most versatile and compelling actors, said he was immediately drawn to the role, both as a performer and as a producer.

“It’s a brilliant role because he’s a character who has always tried to impose the things that have worked for him – a planned and order-based system – and has to realize and accept that his son and his wife are different types of people, ”he said. (“Although he’s not James Bond, which is obviously the dream,” he added, unmoved.)

When the series aired in Britain, Hollander recalled thinking “this is the vacation nobody got to spend”. Now, he said, “We are vaguely becoming aware that it may not be like this anymore. It’s gone from a replacement vacation to nostalgia for the recent past.

But as Simpson pointed out, the show has a simple yet uplifting message that “sounds like something we all need to hang on to right now.” As Connie tells Douglas at one point, life will go on, “and it will be good.”

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Real Madrid consider Jules Kounde to replace Sergio Ramos Sun, 20 Jun 2021 00:14:42 +0000

Amid all the action at Euro and Copa America, the summer transfer window has opened for some leagues with Europe’s biggest clubs looking to make a splash in the transfer market. Check out the latest gossip below, and check out all the official offers here.

TOP STORY: Madrid consider Kounde to replace Ramos

Real Madrid explore options to replace Sergio Ramos, consider French defender Jules Koundé be the perfect candidate, according to Marca.

Kounde has been linked with a number of clubs this summer, including Manchester United, and Madrid are the latest to consider a move for his defensive skills.

However, the 22-year-old center-back has a € 80million buyout clause, which could be too much for Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Madrid are currently unable to afford the required premium fees and therefore have to replace Ramos with a limited budget.

The other concern is whether Kounde has the same leadership qualities as Ramos to help bring out the best in Raphael Varane and Eder Militao.

Speaking of Varane, his contract expires next year, and Spanish media say Madrid could allow him to leave this summer and release funds to sign Kounde.

Employers in Koundé, Seville, have shown little willingness to agree to anything other than its buyout clause.

– Stream ESPN FC Daily on ESPN + (US only)
– Euro 2020: Parenthesis | Live on ESPN | VAR watch | Choose them


– Manchester United are increasingly concerned that Paul pogba will leave the club for nothing next summer, reports the Mirror. They believe the France international is ready to cancel his contract and leave Old Trafford as a free agent. United have been forced to trigger a 12-month contract extension on their existing contract, but they are now desperate to persuade the £ 89million-valued midfielder to sign a new contract.

– New Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti could turn to his former club Everton in an attempt to bring in the striker Dominique Calvert-Lewin at the Bernabeu, reports the Sun. Ancelotti has described the 24-year-old forward as “the complete player”, and the Italian believes he can persuade the Toffees to let him go for £ 50million. Everton are under increasing financial pressure and owner Farhad Moshiri could be tempted to let the England international leave Goodison Park.

– Liverpool look set to beat Bayer Leverkusen for Ghanaian prodigy signing Abdul Fatawu Issahaku, according to an interview with the current club president of the player at Ghana football. In the interview, Steadfast FC president Haruna Iddisu says a deal has been reached between the two sides, despite Leverkusen having every chance of winning the 17-year-old’s signing race. Issahaku has scored eight goals in 13 games for his club, and he played for Ghana’s Under-20s at the U20 Africa Cup of Nations earlier this year.

– Real Madrid hope to persuade Eintracht Frankfurt to sign Luka Jovic in order to free up essential funds to reach the main target Kylian Mbappé, reports AS. Jovic failed to settle in Madrid but Los Blancos remain confident they will receive acceptable offers for the Serbian international. Jovic joined Madrid for € 60million when he moved to the Spanish capital in 2019, but the club would be happy to get € 40million back for the 23-year-old. Frankfurt has expressed interest in Jovic, but in order to make an offer they must first find a new home for Andre Silva.

– On André Silva, Barcelona are looking to land a top-level center-forward to join the club alongside Sergio Aguero and Memphis Depay, and sport thinks the 25-year-old Portuguese striker is the last name on their list. Silva was thought to be on Barca’s radar a few seasons ago when he was at Sevilla, but his 28 goals in 32 games last season convinced the Catalan club that now is the time to take a step. Frankfurt could be tempted to accept a € 35million offer, and agent Jorge Mendes is reportedly working on the deal. Manchester City and Atletico Madrid are also interested.

– Barcelona midfielder Miralem Pjanic appear to be on their way back to Italy, with Juve as a likely destination, according to Corriere dello Sport. Juventus have been in contact to re-sign the Bosnian on a two-year loan deal, and the two clubs are now reportedly discussing his salary. Pjanic is out of sight under Koeman at Camp Nou, while Juve coach Max Allegri sees him as a potential replacement for Aaron ramsey and Adrien rabiot.

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Football: Griezmann saves France’s draw against Hungary Sat, 19 Jun 2021 15:33:50 +0000

BUDAPEST: Antoine Griezmann saved a 1-1 draw for France against Hungary in Budapest as the world champions missed the opportunity to clinch a spot for Euro 2020 on Saturday, June 19.

Hungary threatened to open Group F wide when Attila Fiola gave the hosts a shock lead in the first half timeout after catching up to the French defense.

But Griezmann, winner of the Golden Boot at Euro 2016, equalized in the 66th minute as an unconvincing France avoided a first defeat in competition since June 2019.

Didier Deschamps’ side lead the group with four points, one more than defending champions Portugal, who will face Germany in Munich later. Hungary got their first point and the Germans are down after losing to France in their opener.

France remain in Budapest for their final game against Portugal, while Hungary travel to Munich to face Germany, still hoping to advance to the knockout stage for a second consecutive tournament.

Struggling with sweltering temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and a crowd approaching 60,000 at Puskas Arena, the only Euro 2020 venue without capacity restrictions due to Covid-19, France has controlled much of the first half.

Having lived up to their expectations as tournament favorites in a 1-0 win over Germany, France dominated Hungary from the start, creating plenty of chances against a side that held out for 84 minutes before losing 3-0 to Portugal.

Peter Gulacsi took hold of Karim Benzema’s weak training, reacting strongly to prevent Griezmann’s follow-up, despite the Barcelona star being flagged for offside.

Lucas Digne, brought to Lucas Hernandez’s side as the only change made by France coach Deschamps, then chose an unmarked Kylian Mbappe whose cutting head barely flashed.

Hungary lost captain Adam Szalai to injury midway through the first half, and the hosts lived dangerously as Benzema slashed a superb shot from Mbappe before the Paris Saint-Germain forward moved away – even.

France captain Hugo Lloris had warned of overconfidence against a team expected to finish last in the group, and the Blues were punished for a brief lapse of time just before halftime.

Fiola recovered the cross ball from Adam Nagy and played a one-two with Roland Sallai, passing Benjamin Pavard and pushing Raphael Varane past Lloris at his near post.

Deschamps had waited until the 89th minute before making a substitution in the opener against Germany, but Ousmane Dembele’s introduction for Adrien Rabiot on time almost equaled immediately as the Barcelona striker rocked the post.

France equalized when a long kick from Lloris flew over Nagy’s head, Mbappe clinging to it in front of Paris-born Hungarian Loïc Nego.

His ball through the goal was deflected onto Griezmann’s path by Willi Orban, allowing the striker to slam his seventh European Championship goal.

Gulacsi made a nice save to fend off a fierce shot from Mbappe as France pressed for a win that would have taken them to the knockout stage. Instead, they have to wait for Wednesday’s clash with Portugal.

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Alfa Romeo has its eyes on Q3 after promising start Fri, 18 Jun 2021 22:00:10 +0000

the Alfa romeo The drivers aim to qualify for Q3 of the French Grand Prix after an encouraging first day at Paul Ricard.

Throughout 2020 the Italian team have been one of the laggards on the grid and coming out of Q1 on a race weekend has been seen as a success.

In 2021 however, they looked much stronger, more often being closer to the midfielder than Haas and finishing in the top 10 in two of the first six races.

They haven’t done it on a Saturday yet, but after a decent Friday at Paul Ricard where they placed both cars in the top 13 in both sessions, the goal is to change that.

In fact, Kimi raikkonen, who finished P9 in FP2, thinks he could have done even better.

“It wasn’t too bad there,” he said.

“I even have the impression that I could have been a few places higher with a better lap. The hope, of course, is that we can be somewhere in this region, in the top ten, when we get into qualifying.

“As always, we can try to find something more tonight with the engineers and optimize the performance of the car, but it’s not a bad start.”

Check out all the latest 2021 team clothing via the official Formula 1 store

The Finn’s teammate Antonio Giovinazzi failed to make it into the top 10 himself but didn’t have a bad day, finishing the sessions in P12 and P11.

Like Raikkonen, the Italian was also not entirely happy with how things turned out, making him optimistic about his chances of entering the top 10 in the shootout on Saturday.

“It was a good start to the weekend and we are confident heading into qualifying,” he said.

“The conditions there were not easy, with a lot of wind and poor grip, but that’s also what we can expect for tomorrow.

“Being just outside the top when I’m still not 100% happy with the car means we can be in the fight for Q3 if we find an improvement tonight. It’s our job and if we do a better job than our rivals we can have a good Saturday.

Follow all the action of the Grand Prix de France with the PlanetF1 live center

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EU lifts ban on US travelers: NPR Fri, 18 Jun 2021 21:07:39 +0000

People enjoy the May sun from the café terraces of the Grand Place in Brussels. On Friday, the European Union added the United States to the list of countries whose citizens and residents should be allowed to travel freely within the bloc.

François Walcshaerts / AFP via Getty Images

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François Walcshaerts / AFP via Getty Images

People enjoy the May sun from the café terraces of the Grand Place in Brussels. On Friday, the European Union added the United States to the list of countries whose citizens and residents should be allowed to travel freely within the bloc.

François Walcshaerts / AFP via Getty Images

Americans can now visit the European Union again, vaccinated or not. The European Council has updated its list of countries whose citizens and residents should be allowed to travel freely in the 27 member countries of the bloc, and the United States is finally participating.

But before you get on the plane, be aware that there can be pitfalls. In fact, there could be 27 different combinations of them. While the updated list released on Friday is a recommendation on who can be allowed entry based on the health situation in their home country, each EU government makes its own border decisions. This includes which nationalities to admit, whether to require PCR or rapid coronavirus antigen testing on arrival, and whether quarantine is mandatory. And while the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, urges countries to coordinate these rules with their neighbors to ensure mobility, this plea has often fallen on deaf ears.

And there is yet another factor that EU governments can take into account when deciding whether or not to grant access to American travelers: reciprocity. The US government has yet to lift its ban on non-essential travel by Europeans. This is a sensitive point. European Commission spokesperson Adalbert Jahnz explained: “It goes without saying that we would expect the same from partner countries outside the EU for European citizens traveling to these countries.

Tuesday’s US-EU summit gave new hope to Europeans wishing to head west.

“We have been assured that this is a matter of high priority for the US administration,” Jahnz said, adding that a joint task force met on Friday with the aim of “reviving safe and sustainable travel between the EU and the US “.

Alberto Alemanno, professor of law and EU policy at the HEC business school in Paris, believes that the reluctance of the United States to open its borders to European tourists is largely due to a “negative perception of the EU’s handling of the pandemic – notably, slow vaccination programs. In other words, Europe is not seen as safe [yet]. “

But Jahnz is optimistic that will change. “The epidemiological situation in the EU is improving”, he notes. “And of course we are putting in place a robust infrastructure to facilitate safe travel with the ‘EU COVID digital certificate'”, which is designed to facilitate cross-border recognition of tests or vaccine status.

“So we hope,” he added, “that we will also find workable solutions for the United States.”

Meanwhile, the European tourism industry is eagerly awaiting the return of its most profitable customers outside the EU. Last year was a “disaster”, said Jeroen Roppe, spokesperson for Visit.Brussels, the tourist communication agency in the Belgian capital. Normally, 80% of visitors to Brussels come from abroad, and many of them come from the United States, explained Roppe. “We are very happy to see American tourists coming back to our city.”

Eduardo Santander, executive director of the European Travel Commission, the umbrella organization of tourism agencies across the continent, is also optimistic, but said important questions remain.

“We think it’s a good start, but we still have to read the fine print,” he said, urging future travelers to do the same. “It will probably be a few weeks before there is certainty about all the little things a traveler needs to take into account before coming to Europe, and in particular, the issue of mobility within the European Union.” if governments do not coordinate border regulations.

Santander warns that a lack of reciprocity for European travelers wishing to travel to the United States could possibly be a problem for Americans as well, as airlines will need people going both ways to resume flight routes. But he believes that by mid-July things will turn out well and that this year the peak tourist season could last until fall to meet pent-up demand.

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The most beautiful exhibitions to see in France this summer Fri, 18 Jun 2021 15:05:19 +0000

Let’s go see the sea with Doisneau, until November 1, 2021, Maritime Museum, Place Bernard Moitessier 17000 La Rochelle

Cézanne in Baux-de-Provence

Provencal painter Paul CézanneThe greatest masterpieces of s will open your eyes wide throughout the exceptional immersive spectacle of the Carrières des Lumières. Expect to see his still lifes with apples, historical scenes, melancholy self-portraits, Card players and The great swimmers. This hypnotic dive into the sensitive impressionism and precursor of the father of modern art is already shaping up to be one of the summer’s flagship exhibitions. Don’t miss the short Vassily kandinsky exhibition which is presented simultaneously. The Odyssey of the Abstract immerses the visitor in the inner cosmos of the visionary Kandinsky.

Cézanne simulation

Culturespaces / Cutting

Cézanne, master of Provence, until January 2, 2022 2 Carrières de Lumières, Route de Maillane 13520, Les Baux-de-Provence

‘Dior et Roses’ in Granville

To understand the universe of the creator and his passion for flowers, the Dior and roses exposure dates back to a time of innocence. Discover Christian Dior through this intrinsic element of his identity, the rose, and take a trip down memory lane with family photographs, his career as a designer and his sources of inspiration. The rose takes many forms in Christian Diorthis is life, whether in Jean Cocteauthe poetry of, the evolution of fashion decade after decade or the multiple uses of different shades of pink. the Christian Dior Museum has stripped each petal to give pride of place to the most prestigious flowers. In addition to paying homage to the couturier, the exhibition also looks at the people around him, his famous artist friends, but above all his family and his childhood home. From his mother, Madeleine Dior, who inspired him so much, to Catherine, his beloved sister who was his muse and made flowers her profession, Dior and roses is an ode to the family. And to illustrate its point, the exhibition unveils to the public a multitude of old and modern objects, all on the theme of the flower of Aphrodite. Find dresses, accessories, paintings, jewelry, collections of poems and mythical bottles: each object tells a story and brings us a little closer to the genius that was Christian Dior.

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