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Let’s go see the sea with Doisneau, until November 1, 2021, Maritime Museum, Place Bernard Moitessier 17000 La Rochelle

Cézanne in Baux-de-Provence

Provencal painter Paul CézanneThe greatest masterpieces of s will open your eyes wide throughout the exceptional immersive spectacle of the Carrières des Lumières. Expect to see his still lifes with apples, historical scenes, melancholy self-portraits, Card players and The great swimmers. This hypnotic dive into the sensitive impressionism and precursor of the father of modern art is already shaping up to be one of the summer’s flagship exhibitions. Don’t miss the short Vassily kandinsky exhibition which is presented simultaneously. The Odyssey of the Abstract immerses the visitor in the inner cosmos of the visionary Kandinsky.

Cézanne simulation

Culturespaces / Cutting

Cézanne, master of Provence, until January 2, 2022 2 Carrières de Lumières, Route de Maillane 13520, Les Baux-de-Provence

‘Dior et Roses’ in Granville

To understand the universe of the creator and his passion for flowers, the Dior and roses exposure dates back to a time of innocence. Discover Christian Dior through this intrinsic element of his identity, the rose, and take a trip down memory lane with family photographs, his career as a designer and his sources of inspiration. The rose takes many forms in Christian Diorthis is life, whether in Jean Cocteauthe poetry of, the evolution of fashion decade after decade or the multiple uses of different shades of pink. the Christian Dior Museum has stripped each petal to give pride of place to the most prestigious flowers. In addition to paying homage to the couturier, the exhibition also looks at the people around him, his famous artist friends, but above all his family and his childhood home. From his mother, Madeleine Dior, who inspired him so much, to Catherine, his beloved sister who was his muse and made flowers her profession, Dior and roses is an ode to the family. And to illustrate its point, the exhibition unveils to the public a multitude of old and modern objects, all on the theme of the flower of Aphrodite. Find dresses, accessories, paintings, jewelry, collections of poems and mythical bottles: each object tells a story and brings us a little closer to the genius that was Christian Dior.

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Aramco completes issuance of international trust certificates for 6 billion sukuk Thu, 17 Jun 2021 14:16:18 +0000

BEIRUT: At least $ 250 million in United Nations humanitarian aid for refugees and poor communities in Lebanon was lost to banks selling local currency at severely unfavorable rates, Thomson Reuters Foundation investigation found .
The losses – described in an internal United Nations document as “staggering” and confirmed by multiple sources – come as Lebanon grapples with the worst economic crisis in its history, with more than half of the population living under it. poverty line, according to the World Bank.
They stem from a fall in the value of the Lebanese pound since the economy began to collapse at the end of 2019, pushing up prices and plunging many Lebanese into poverty.
The unfavorable exchange rates offered by Lebanese banks have particularly hit Syrian and Palestinian refugees and poor Lebanese, as they are able to buy much less with the cash donations they receive from the UN.
Before the crisis, refugees and poor Lebanese received a monthly payment of $ 27, equivalent to approximately 40,500 Lebanese pounds, from the World Food Program (WFP).
This has now grown to around 100,000 Lebanese pounds per person, but its real value is a fraction of what it used to be – around $ 7 at the current rate.
“Previously the purchasing power was very good, we could get an acceptable food basket,” said Abu Ahmad Saybaa, a Syrian refugee who runs a Facebook page that highlights the challenges refugees face in Lebanon.
“But now (the documents) cannot provide us with more than a gallon of cooking oil. There is a huge difference in purchasing power, ”said the father of five, who has lived in a refugee camp in rugged northeast Lebanon since 2014.
“It takes a toll on all of our health – mental and physical. “
An aid official and two diplomats from donor countries confirmed that between a third and half of all direct UN cash aid to Lebanon had been swallowed up by banks since the crisis began in 2019 All spoke on condition of anonymity.
In 2020 and the first four months of 2021, banks exchanged dollars for UN agencies at rates on average 40% below the market rate, the aid official said.
Lebanon maintains an official exchange rate of around 1,500 pounds to the dollar, but since the crisis it has only been able to apply that rate to a handful of essential goods.
All other imports have to be bought at much higher exchange rates, which causes prices to skyrocket.
Most of the losses come from a 2020 United Nations assistance program worth around $ 400 million that provides around 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon with monthly funds for food, education, transport and winter weather protection of shelters.
Lebanon is home to more than one million Syrian refugees, nine out of ten of whom live in extreme poverty, according to UN data.
The country received at least $ 1.5 billion in humanitarian aid in 2020.
An internal UN assessment in February estimated that up to half of the program’s value was absorbed by Lebanese banks used by the UN to convert donated US dollars.
The document, viewed by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, indicates that in July 2020, “50%” of contributions were lost due to currency conversion.
The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL), which represents the country’s commercial banks, has denied using aid to raise capital.
He said the UN could have handed out in dollars, or negotiated a better rate with Lebanon’s central bank.
A central bank spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on rates provided to aid organizations
The $ 400 million United Nations program, known as LOUISE, receives funding from the United States, the European Commission, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands and France, among others, according to its website.
It includes WFP, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
The Thomson Reuters Foundation compared the rates at which banks converted US dollars in 2020 and 2021 with competing market exchange rates to calculate the amount of aid lost.
Losses amounted to around $ 200 million in 2019 and 2020 and at least $ 40 million so far in 2021.
The figures are in line with the UN’s internal assessment and have been independently verified by an aid official.
A spokesperson for UNICEF said the agency was “very concerned that beneficiaries receive the full value of cash transfers” and had recently renegotiated for a rate close to the market rate.
It is also testing dollar disbursements for some programs, the spokesperson said.
Banque Libano-Française (BLF), which was hired by LOUISE agencies to provide assistance, declined to comment on unfavorable conversion rates, saying it was bound by a confidentiality agreement with them.
He also said the agencies could have distributed the money directly in dollars.
WFP’s funding of monthly cash assistance to 105,000 vulnerable Lebanese, worth some $ 23 million last year, used the same unfavorable exchange rates, a WFP spokesperson said, which means that up to half of the funds have been lost to the banks.
WFP and UNHCR referred the Thomson Reuters Foundation to the office of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator, who declined to comment on the reasons for the mass casualties.
A spokesperson for the United Nations Palestinian Refugee Agency (UNRWA) said that between a third and half of the aid it has distributed since October 2020 – up to $ 7 million – has been lost due to currency conversion. The agency has repeatedly warned of the lack of funding.
Documented losses from the LOUISE, PAM and UNRWA programs amount to at least $ 250 million since October 2019.
Following pressure from UN agencies, the differences between the average market exchange rate and the rate offered by the banks narrowed, but did not disappear.
Faced with a financial system eager to suck in as many dollars as possible, donors and UN agencies have struggled to develop a cohesive approach that preserves the full value of aid.
In May, a senior World Bank official said Lebanon had agreed to pay aid from a $ 246 million World Bank loan to poor Lebanese directly in dollars, but payments were delayed.
Dollarization of aid, which was recommended in the February internal assessment and called for by donor countries and independent analysts, would keep the full value of grants for recipients regardless of exchange rate fluctuations.
But Lebanese authorities have resisted efforts to dollarize aid flows as they seek to maintain control over one of the few remaining sources of hard currency.
Meanwhile, donor countries have grown increasingly impatient and fearful of the reputational damage associated with millions of taxpayer dollars being absorbed by banks.
“We are more than ready to invest in helping people, but we need a credible counterpart that is not going to pocket money for which we are ultimately responsible at home,” a Western diplomat said on condition of anonymity. .
Jad Chaaban, professor of economics at the American University of Beirut, said international organizations operating in Lebanon often walk a narrow line between making compromises in a difficult political environment and upholding standards of accountability.
“In this case, it is unacceptable and there must be much higher standards. We are effectively seeing the same dynamic as entrepreneurs or fellow businessmen siphoning off the money they received to build a school or an infrastructure project, ”said Chaaban.
“Right now, every penny counts for Lebanon. “

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Algeria cancels France 24 accreditation: state media Sun, 13 Jun 2021 16:46:23 +0000

First Look: The Shocking Details Of MBC’s Explosive Carlos Ghosn Documentary

LONDON: “How the hell do you get to the point where someone like Carlos (Ghosn) has to hang out with obscure characters to smuggle him across an international border, halfway around the world, safely? Nick Green, the director of an upcoming documentary on the former Nissan chairman titled “The Last Flight,” told Arab News.

The question of how Ghosn crossed one of the planet’s narrowest borders has been on everyone’s mind since he fled house arrest in Tokyo and fled to his native Lebanon.

“It’s a story you think you know, but there is a human being behind it. And getting the human story of what is indeed a heist is very unique, ”Green said.

Ghosn, nicknamed “Mr. Fix It” for essentially saving Nissan from bankruptcy, was arrested in Tokyo on allegations of false accounting and financial misconduct, including the underreporting of his salary and the use of company funds. business for personal use.

The 65-year-old businessman has spent 13 months in custody or living in his Japanese home under 24-hour surveillance and under strict bail conditions. But, in December 2019, he pulled off a complex and dramatic escape that could have come straight out of the pages of a TV or movie script.

And yet it was all true.

Arab News got an exclusive glimpse into the magic behind the highly anticipated documentary, which was the first international production company for Saudi Arabia’s MBC Studios in partnership with French company ALEF ONE and British BBC Storyville.

“It’s really kind of a world story,” Green said. “And so obviously you kind of have to travel the world to say it. The critical parts of the story obviously take place in Japan. The critical parts of the story take place in Beirut. The critical parts of (the) story take place in Paris. No one knows the story before, Carlos never talked about it.


Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo on allegations of false accounting and financial conduct, including underreporting his salary and using company funds for personal gain.

The 65-year-old businessman has spent 13 months in custody or living in his Japanese home under 24-hour surveillance and under strict bail conditions.

In December 2019, he pulled off a complex and dramatic escape that could have come straight out of the pages of a TV or movie script.

MBC Studios secured the rights to the Ghosn story in 2020 and announced its plans in October of the same year.

Every step of Ghosn’s arrest and escape has been widely covered by news agencies around the world, but “The Last Flight” promises to shed light on the human side of Ghosn that has not been covered. .

“With the press and the international media (they) covered the story from day to day, but from an outside point of view. Here we have a unique and, for the first time, an inner perspective, that is, an inner perspective of Carlos Ghosn and Carole Ghosn, his wife, ”Nora Melhli, executive producer of the documentary, told Arab News. .

“This is the first time they have told how their story began and how they experienced it from the inside out,” she said, adding that the documentary allows viewers to ultimately become insiders.

Global shoot during a global pandemic

There were several filming locations due to Ghosn’s global connections including Lebanon, Japan, France, UK and South Africa, a difficult scenario as flights were grounded and travel was stalled amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I couldn’t make it to Cape Town because at the time there was the South African variant, so I ended up having to take these photos with everything on a Zoom call,” Green said.

Carlos Ghosn, nicknamed ‘Mr. Fix It ‘to essentially save Nissan from bankruptcy, is a Brazilian-born businessman. He is also of French and Lebanese nationality. He was arrested in Tokyo on allegations of false accounting and financial misconduct. (File photo)

Images were sent to him via the Director of Photography (DOP) monitor, and another director on site was told through headphones what to do and tell the DOP.

“We ended up finding our way to work with extraordinarily talented people who, you know, (are) just really cool to work in this new way, a COVID way,” he added.

Among those interviewed for the documentary were officials from the Japanese Justice Ministry, a Japanese prosecutor, Ghosn’s Japanese lawyer, the former French finance minister and Ghosn’s former boss.

“It’s a story told with the vision of some people all together. I mean on the same table but of course they never met,” Melhli said. “You have (a) different paradigm, different perspectives, so it allows the audience to understand because, of course, it’s a very complicated story and, of course, it allows the audience to make their own point of view. “

Since there was no footage of Ghosn’s actual escape, the narrative was told through what Green described as a slight visualization palette with images, with all of the Japanese posters and signage shot in Cape Town.

MBC Studios goes global

MBC Studios secured the rights to the Ghosn story in 2020 and announced its plans in October of the same year.

Ghosn’s former Japanese lawyer Junichiro Hironaka faces the media outside his office in Tokyo. (AFP / File)

The then CEO, Marc Antoine D’Halluin, told Variety magazine that the project would mark the start of a “long line-up” of other MBC shows of this type.

“I think this will change the perception of MBC Group and MBC Studios,” he said.

Less than a year later, the documentary is in official selection at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival, which is the third largest documentary festival in the world.

“It was my first collaboration with MBC and they gave me and Nick (Green) the director a kind of total green card, they gave us what we needed to do it the best way. “said Melhli. “We have a very strong vision from all of us together, MBC and the creative team, and they just gave us everything we needed to follow and trust our vision.”

“The Last Flight” lasts 103 minutes and will also be presented as a three-part series. It will also be shown on ShahidVIP and the BBC.

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Air France is preparing major changes on American routes Sat, 12 Jun 2021 22:14:44 +0000

With France reopening its borders, Air France is expanding its capacities between United States of America and France.

Air France Airbus A330-300 at Chicago O’Hare – Image, economy class and beyond

Air France will offer service to Paris-Charles de Gaulle during the 2021 summer season from 12 American cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC

Planned operations include:

  • New York-JFK: three daily flights in Boeing 777-300ER
  • Los Angeles: two daily flights by Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boston: daily service by Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
  • Miami: daily service by Airbus A350-900
  • San Francisco: daily service by Boeing 777-300ER
  • Washington DC-IAD: daily service by Boeing 777-300ER
  • Atlanta: twelve weekly flights by Airbus A350-900
  • Chicago: five weekly Boeing 777-300ER flights
  • Detroit: five weekly Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flights
  • Houston: five weekly Boeing 777-300ER flights
  • Denver (new): three weekly flights from July 2 in the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
  • Minneapolis: three weekly Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flights

Air France also offers a service from Los Angeles to French Polynesia. The services will operate in collaboration with its transatlantic partner Delta Airlines. The new routes include the Denver route announced before the restrictions were lifted.

As usual, Air France can offer connectivity to the rest of Europe via its hub at Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Check before you travel

While France may be open to American visitors, other parts of Europe may have quarantine restrictions or entry requirements. Air France has made a tool available to you to help you with the entry conditions and the documents required to enter

Additionally, for those in need of COVID-19 testing, SkyTeam has a site that can direct you to testing centers as needed at

Air France currently offers fully changeable tickets for all bookings until December 21, 2021. You can change your booking free of charge, or get a refundable credit voucher if they no longer wish to travel. If the flight is canceled by the airline, the customer can choose to postpone their trip, request a full refund of the ticket, or receive a credit voucher, which is also refundable if not used.

In quotes

Stéphane Ormand, Vice President and General Manager, United States, said

“Americans are eager to resume leisure travel and are excited about the reopening of France. Air France is pleased to offer passengers the opportunity to benefit from our commitment to exceptional service and the health and safety of all on board ”,

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Also, don’t forget that we are part of the Boarding area community, bringing you the latest news from frequent travelers around the world.

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RI Summer Food Guide: Restaurants and Dining Options Thu, 10 Jun 2021 09:25:15 +0000

The summer of 2021 has started hot. Not just the temperature, but the food scene.


Locked up for a year? New restaurants and brasseries?

The answer is: Delicious food.

But never underestimate the desire for a gastronomic adventure. The Rhode Islanders aren’t the only ones playing, but so are visiting tourists.

After:Rhode Island’s Most Iconic Dishes: A Glossary

Don’t miss Rhode Island’s culinary adventures for 2021

RI Best: 21 must-see gastronomic adventures for summer 2021:

My ideas include special summer meals in Newport, farm shopping statewide, and the best deal for a summer staple: lobster rolls.

A great culinary adventure begins with the best ingredients, but that view of the water, which makes it Rhode Island.

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“Idiot” – State Senator talks about Joints for Jabs program Wed, 09 Jun 2021 20:58:47 +0000

If you’re looking at recent stories based on federal data, the Joints for Jabs program isn’t even really necessary.

SHIFTWa and others report that the federal government “praised” Washington state on Monday for meeting the 70% threshold for residents receiving at least the first of two sets of some kind of COVID vaccine.

Yet state data shows it is only 64%. This is important because Governor Inslee has promised that the state will “reopen” either on June 30 or when we have reached a 70% immunization level.

Washington State Senator Phil Fortunato, who briefly ran for governor in 2020 before losing in the primaries and then backing Culp, said on AM 770 KTTH radio in Seattle he considers the Joints for Jabs program as “idiot.

Joints For Jabs is offering anyone 21 years of age and over a free pre-rolled jar cigarette if they get vaccinated at a clinic or vaccination event at a licensed jar store.

Fortunato told KTTH:

“I think it’s silly. We are moving away from a medical reason for doing this and now you can win the lottery, you can win a million dollars, you can get free alcohol, you can get free weed ”,

He also said it was an example of government overbreadth. He also said he did not know where they got permission to distribute free cigarettes.

The program lasts until July 12 and is only valid at officially licensed pot stores (like there’s another!) And only for ages 21 and over.

It’s the latest in a series of benefits that many GOP officials, including Rep. Skyler Rude, are calling “bribes“to get people to get vaccinated.

See striking photos of the tourism industry during COVID-19

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege Of Paris DLC synopsis reportedly leaked Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:30:41 +0000

Assassin’s Creed ValhallaThe next major expansion for, titled Siege of Paris, has been leaked with a detailed synopsis online, giving us an idea of ​​what to expect after the Viking Age adventure kicks off.

The synopsis leaked via the in-game files and was reported by J0nathan, a well-known leaker, revealing that the Siege of Paris takes place a few years after the events of the main Assassin’s Creed Valhalla campaign. You can read the full synopsis below.

To the south, the kingdom of Francia unified under one king for the first time in a hundred years. Charles the Fat, Charlemagne’s great-grandson, is now waging a slow war against the Scandinavians in Francia. England could be next. Ravensthorpe must make new allies in Francia to avoid the threat of war. A visitor will arrive at the Ravensthorpe quay to start the adventure.

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In addition to the above, the leak reveals that Siege of Paris is aiming for a November 2021 release, according to Eivor’s dialogue in the DLC, there will be no more details about the Hidden Ones in the expansion.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is out now for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox One, and you can read our review here.

[Source – J0nathan on YouTube via WCCFTech]

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Portsmouth and Durham consider ending mask warrants Thu, 03 Jun 2021 21:16:41 +0000

Mask warrants appear to be running their course in New Hampshire.

Councilors for Portsmouth and Durham will next week consider proposals to reduce or completely cancel mask warrants in those communities.

The proposals come amid a steady decline in Covid-19 cases across the region and state as more people get vaccinated and receive new guidance from the federal government.

Officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested it is safe for fully vaccinated people to forgo masks in public.

The proposal under consideration in Portsmouth would eliminate the requirement for interior and exterior masks which has been in place for much of last year. Companies would have the option of continuing to require the wearing of masks on their premises.

“It’s time for us to comply with CDC guidelines,” Mayor Rick Becksted said in an interview, noting that Portsmouth is one of the last communities in New Hampshire to require face coverings in all settings. “There are recommendations and people should have a choice. “

It is not yet clear how the council will come up with the issue of masks. Becksted expects strong support for removing the mandate in its entirety, but expects a healthy debate on a compromise proposal to keep the domestic rule in place until June.

The city’s health official and several reopening task forces established by the mayor are supporting a compromise that would keep the mandate in place until June for interior spaces only.

Portsmouth City Council held a first debate on Tuesday evening on the new draft mask ordinance.

Councilor Cliff Lazenby is open to such a compromise. He said the additional three weeks would give more residents a chance to be fully immunized, especially 12 to 15-year-olds who were cleared to receive the Pfizer vaccine more recently.

Teens who are older in this age group, Lazenby said, will likely be working downtown this summer.

“I can see why it makes sense to consider this,” Lazenby said in an interview. “We would have fewer people exposed and more people vaccinated by the end of June.”

Renters of the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth said its members had different views on the masks’ mandates.

Some business owners are tired of the battle at the door and the abuse of their staff members to enforce the city ordinance, while other owners are concerned about the health of their unvaccinated staff. said Ben VanCamp, chief collaborator and chamber president.

“Both of these positions have a lot of merit,” VanCamp said in an email. The Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on the Arts and Nonprofits and the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee for Portsmouth 2021 reopen have urged council to maintain the indoor mask mandate until the end June while eliminating the mandate for outdoor masks now. The Chamber Collaborative supports this position as it enables a comfortable environment for visitors to our community and assists business owners in their efforts to protect their staff.

What’s going on in Durham, where many UNH students have returned home for the summer, while many who live off campus are still in town?

Durham, meanwhile, will debate ending the emergency ordinance which includes the use of masks in municipal buildings. City councilors last month decided to eliminate the exterior mask requirement and suggest, rather than require, interior masks.

The current mask rule in Durham will remain in effect until June 30 without council action.

“UNH is largely postponed for the summer, the number of cases is now low in Durham and falls in the Seacoast area, and the CDC has indicated that those who have been fully vaccinated over 14 days have strong immunity. against the virus, ”Durham City Administrator Todd Selig said.

Manchester and Nashua, the state’s largest cities, recently lifted mask requirements.

Concord’s mask rule expired on June 1.

See striking photos of the tourism industry during COVID-19

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Uvalde Leader-News: Visitor’s Guide | Uvalde Leader News Thu, 03 Jun 2021 20:38:25 +0000

Honey capital of the world

The Uvalde Honey Festival, celebrating Uvalde’s rich history as the ‘Honey Capital of the World’, will be held on June 11-12.

The festival is hosted by Main Street Uvalde, which invites everyone to “be part of Uvalde’s history” at the event.

“Uvalde has a significant portion of Texan folklore, which may also be a little-known fact to people outside of Uvalde County,” said Susan Rios, director of Main Street Uvalde.

“During the Universal Exhibition of 1905 in Paris,… ..


The Herby Ham Activity Center is a 23,000 square foot community center that offers a wealth of entertainment options.

The center is headed by Sue Rankin, who is the director. It is located at 248 FM 3447 in Uvalde.

Although normally expected …

Who’s who from Uvalde County

Almost 700 people attended the Uvalde Region Chamber of Commerce centennial celebration on February 7, 2020, hoping to see Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, and their wishes came true three times when the Uvalde-born Hollywood star brought her mom and brother for a comedy-steeped hour-long conversation and question-and-answer session. Family matriarch Kay McConaughey was as outspoken as her son Mike, better known as Rooster, remembering the family’s adventures during a 16-year residency in Uvalde. She recounted the family’s moves to Uvalde, as they occupied homes on High, Getty and Third streets. While their former home at 518 N. Getty St. is now black …

For the rest of these stories and more, please see the Uvalde Leader-News visitor guide. Plus, take a look at what local and surrounding businesses have to keep you cool and busy during the summer and year round.

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Dreams and pessimism | Sanpete County, Utah News Thu, 03 Jun 2021 06:00:00 +0000

Now that Covid-19 is calming down for us in this country, people can’t wait to get out and move again. People are starting to travel. I have friends who recently had a great week in Hawaii. Others are now going on a dream vacation that they had postponed.

I spoke with some of their travel plans. These conversations, coupled with a report involving Pope Francis the other day, once again reminded me of a funny little story. I heard it a long time ago.

I may have shared it here in this space years ago, but with memories of what they are and new readers, it bears repeating. There are several variations that I know of, but, of course, I prefer mine. It goes like this.

A man was having his hair cut and, sitting in the barber’s chair, announced that he was going on a trip to Europe. The barber immediately asked why the man would want to waste his money on such a frivolous trip.

The man explained that there were three things he had always wanted to do in Europe. He had dreamed of seeing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London. He longed to see the famous painting “Mona Lisa” by DaVinci at the Musée de la Louve in Paris. And he wanted to see the Pope in person on the balcony of St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

The barber chuckled and laughed at how naive he was to think the trip would be satisfying. He predicted that the crowd at Buckingham Palace would be so huge that he would be lucky to catch a glimpse of the Changing of the Guard.

The barber told the man it was foolish to believe he would have a decent look at the “Mona Lisa” painting in Paris with everyone and safety. And finally, he explained that even if he got to see the Pope, the Pontiff would look like a small dot in the distance with the crowd of people gathered in the square.

The man was not to be discouraged. He had his long dream of traveling to Europe. Finally, he returned to his hairdresser. The barber, of course, wanted to hear a report, being certain his predictions had come true.

The man was overwhelmed with enthusiasm as he related how wonderful the trip had been. It was beyond his wildest dreams. Not only did he have a perfect location to watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, the Queen herself drove by in her car. She caught the man’s attention and waved her hand. She stopped the car and shook the man’s hand. She dedicated her guide.

At La Louve, by inexplicable circumstances, the man was able to see the “Mona Lisa” in solitude, being the only visitor in this particular gallery for about half an hour. He sat in quiet contemplation and meditated on the portrait with the mysterious smile. It was a dream come true.

In the Vatican he was waiting for the Pope with thousands of others. The Pope arrived in the “popemobile” and, for some strange reason, stopped right next to the man and invited him to get into the vehicle. A few minutes later, they were in the Pope’s private apartments, and then they appeared together on the balcony and greeted the crowd in the square below.

The Pope then asked the man if he wanted a blessing. The man, of course, was delighted and knelt down and bowed. The Pope put his hands on the man’s head.

As the barber could see that the man was about to finish his story, he asked enthusiastically, “What did the Pope say to you? What did he say?”

“That’s what the Pope told me,” the man replied slowly, “My son, where did you get that terrible haircut?

I love this joke – if you want to call it a joke. I believe there are a few lessons to be learned.

# 1) Don’t rain on someone else’s parade of hope and optimism. Keep your pessimism to yourself. Unless someone does themselves irreparable harm, allow them to chase their dreams.

# 2) Realize that complainants often don’t take care of their own work as well as they should. They are too busy worrying about others or “raining on someone’s parade” to mind their own business.

# 3) Sometimes dreams come true. And when they do, the “rainers on parades” have to eat crow.

May all your dreams come true. And may all of your haircuts be good. But remember, the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is only about three weeks. — Merrille

PS The report I referred to at the top of this article involving the Pope was about a Polish woman who met Pope Francis last week. She is one of the last survivors of the Nazi Auschwitz extermination camp. She was in the children’s area of ​​the camp for 3 years. The woman uncovered her arm and showed the Pope her tattooed prisoner number. After looking her in the eye, he leaned down and kissed the number.

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