Canadian Travel and Tourism Policy Updates Take Small First Step, Canada Urgently Needs Comprehensive Plan to Reopen Industry

OTTAWA, ON, June 21, 2021 / CNW / – The Canadian Roundtable on Travel and Tourism (the Roundtable) recognizes the federal government’s decision to lift certain quarantine restrictions for Canadians and permanent residents who are fully vaccinated, from July the 5th. Although this is an improvement over current restrictive measures, these changes represent a small first step. Canada urgently needs an appropriate plan and a science-based travel policy in line with what other countries are doing and independent of nationality.

Canadians expected more

Today’s announcement does not tell Canadians what to expect as vaccination efforts continue. Canadians and Canadian businesses have been left in the dark. The federal government has not provided a full reopening plan for international and domestic travel, especially for visiting fully vaccinated foreign nationals Canada in accordance with the recommendations of their own group of experts. Without a doubt, fully vaccinated travelers should be encouraged to come and go, without quarantine or restrictions. COVID-19 does not recognize your passport, but it does recognize your vaccine. Nationality has nothing to do with it.

Canadian businesses that depend on international travelers are unfairly harmed

Today’s government announcement does nothing to help and improve the Canadian travel and tourism industry. Canadian hospitality businesses rely on international travelers. By allowing Canadians to travel abroad while barring fully vaccinated foreign travelers from entering Canada, the government is at a significant disadvantage to Canadian businesses that, after a year and a half of a pandemic, need a successful summer season to to survive.

Canadian families with young children have been left behind

Upon arrival at Canada, unvaccinated children will be forced to self-quarantine for 14 days, even if their parents are fully vaccinated. This policy is almost unprecedented and does not reflect what from Canada international partners are doing Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. In Canada, children under 12 cannot be vaccinated. Due to the mandatory quarantine of children, Canadian families with children were effectively and unfairly banned from traveling abroad this summer. Today’s announcement opened up international travel to a select few, primarily establishing a two-tier system benefiting business travel and those without young children.

The absurdity of from Canada current travel restrictions

Right now in Ontario, it is easier to get Rome than to lead to Rochester. If you live in Quebec, it is easier to fly to Paris than to lead to Vermont.

Canadians are doing their part by getting vaccinated; now is the time for the federal government to provide clear, timely and secure guidance on reopening Canada for traveling. Our people, our communities and our economy depend on it.

SOURCE Canadian Roundtable on Travel and Tourism

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