A Walmart employee was filmed raising his price by 350%

A Walmart employee was filmed replacing the cost of salad dressing at the chain’s supermarket from $2.24 to $7.88. The viral video, which has over three million views, showed an increase of over 350%.

The TikTok was shared on March 5 by user @devious_love, who goes by Shawn Connor on the app. In the clip, the Walmart employee is seen in the salad dressing aisle printing off price tags that read $7.88 and replacing them with the old $2.24 price tags. Connor captioned the TikTok video, “wtf!!!”

Many TikTok users believed the price hike was caused by inflation, which jumped 7.9% in the US over the past year, while others felt there was an explanation. reasonable to price tag change.

“Rising prices hidden under ‘inflation,'” one TikTok user alleged.

“It’s called inflation…gas prices are going up, the cost of food is going to go up, businesses need more money to ship food and the business that sell it…” someone else explained.

“They are probably rearranging the shelves and this price is for a different item, do NOT believe it all mutton,” one person commented.

Others simply vowed to buy salad dressing at Walmart until further notice.

“If I go to my local Walmart and see the salad dressing is $7, I will never eat salad again,” one TikTok user commented.

Another said, “No one buys that.”

The cost of food and gas in the United States is expected to rise amid Russia’s war in Ukraine. Gas prices hit a record high this week, with Americans paying an average of $4.173 a gallon as President Biden announced a ban on Russian oil imports. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has not eclipsed the minds of TikTok users either.

TikTok’s best comment under Connor’s video: “That must be the Russian dressing”.

Richard L. Militello