Loan money for musical instruments; drums, guitar, piano, etc.

Do you spend a lot of time playing music? It may be you have it as a hobby or live off it professionally. In either case, you should have some musical instruments that are both new and good to play.

It can just be a costly investment of anywhere from USD 5,000 – 100,000. There are few limits to what a musical instrument can cost and therefore many Danes will need a loan. See where you can borrow money for musical instruments here.

Seek out loans for new instruments

Seek out loans for new instruments

When you need to raise money to buy instruments, you can either choose to go to the bank or apply online. If you choose to go to the bank, you must have a really healthy economy and / or have the music as a source of income. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to get approved.

Online, the chances of approval are high and the opportunities are many. You can both apply for free and decide if you want to thank YES for the loan offer afterwards.

Click the “Apply for Loans” button if you want to see the loan options online .

We especially recommend you Bank Good Finance and Good Credit Consumer (Private Loan Plus), two major international players where you can borrow most. You can do so atypically low interest rates that are significantly cheaper than just 5-10 years ago. The online companies have become an affordable alternative to the country’s banks and traders.

Funding for the purchase of musical instruments

Funding for the purchase of musical instruments

Obviously, the country’s online providers are just one of several options. The dealer and the bank are your typical options, which we look at here. Nothing holds you back from researching loan options in several places.

The dealer

The dealer may be relevant in certain contexts. Whether this is possible when purchasing musical instruments is more questionable. However, if the retailer / store has a financing option, you can always try to research it.

This will often happen through another online loan company, for example. via Resurs Bank. A provider that, based on the website, will rarely be cheaper than Bank Good Finance and Good Credit Consumer. In other words, a more expensive alternative.

The bank

We were briefly at the bank and if that is an option you should definitely seek out loan offers from them. It’s just become really hard to convince them of a consumer loan. You can therefore quickly end up spending a lot of time and lots of energy on a loan application that ends with a no.

This in the form of budgeting, 1-2 meetings and more. Here the online process is easier and smoother. You can always start by calling the bank advisor to hear how likely it is. If you get a no, you have to deal with it.

In short, there are several options and alternatives, but online providers will often be the easiest and easiest way to make money on the account.

Price level for different musical instruments

Price level for different musical instruments

We end by looking at the price levels of various instruments, mostly to illustrate that the right model can quickly become an expensive investment.

  • Guitar: Up to 50,000 USD
  • Piano: Up to 70,000 USD
  • Keyboard: Up to 20,000 USD
  • Drum kit: Up to 15,000 USD

Note that the price levels are only indicative and based on what we could find on Good Credit and relevant webshops. There are certainly models that are far more expensive, but most can be financed for the above amounts. It also gives a very good picture of the difference, depending on the quality you choose.